Small Business Marketing Plan Blueprint – a marketing planning seminar for Irish business owners and marketers

Next seminar in January 2014, registration open!

If you put all your chances and your life on your small business, then let me help you make it popular and fill it up with good customers!

Come and learn the perfect small business marketing strategy that I tested and brought to perfection in the last couple of years with the help of my clients.

Let me teach you a proven and working model to build a small business and make revenue.

I will show you how to create and manage a marketing plan that creates new clients and customers for your business day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year…!

I will show you a marketing plan that guarantees you that your old customers will buy from you more often and that they will spend more with every purchase they make. A marketing plan that brands your business permanently in the mind of your target market.

Who is this seminar for?

  • Does frustration make you scream because your marketing campaigns are unprofitable?
  • Are you suffering from roller-coaster income and slums because you do not have sufficient quantity and quality of leads that you can produce on a steady and dependable basis?
  • Is there a whole lot more in your business than your marketing was able to unearth?
  • Are you stressed out because you manage a plethora of marketing tools like SEO, social media, AdWords, email marketing, etc. and yet somehow none of those seem to work and create new clients for your business?
  • Are you looking for a bullet proof method because you don’t want to waste your life any more with failing marketing attempts?

If you are an Irish small business owner and you answered YES to any of the above questions then THIS seminar is for you!

This is a REAL system for continuous lead generation, for turning those leads into first time customers, and for creating a sustainable business.


7 reasons why you will be glad
that you invested in this seminar

  1. You will find out what is the one trick that will instantly make your marketing more systematic…
  2. What is the marketing tactic that will make you a market leader in your own category within six to twelve months…
  3. What is the one mistake that 99% of businesses make when defining their target market, and how correcting this one mistake results in an instant increase in sales and a stronger brand on the market…
  4. What is the marketing mistake that most businesses make when trying to acquire new customers and how can you correct it…
  5. What marketing strategy will guarantee you that you will have only good customers, and that you can stall off “bad” customers…
  6. What is the marketing tactic that will help you raise your prices and leave the price-wars behind you forever almost instantly…
  7. How does a simple and easily implementable small business marketing plan look like…

Costs + a rock solid guarantee!

The price for the small business marketing plan seminar is only  €19!

Small business marketing plan seminar 100% satisfaction guaranteeBut wait, this is not all! What happens if you’re not satisfied with the marketing plan seminar? It’s simple: I’m so convinced that this marketing system works, that I have no problem making this completely risk free for you: if you are not completely satisfied with the marketing seminar and you think that I wasted your time, just walk up to me after the seminar and ask for your money back. I’ll make sure that you receive your money back within two days and we’ll part ways as friends.

Sounds fair? Then fill out the registration form below and I’ll see you on the seminar soon!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Where and when is the small business marketing plan seminar held?
A: The next marketing plan seminar will be held sometime in Januray 2014 in the Grand Canal Hotel. Exact date will be announced later.

Q: How long is the seminar?
A: This is a morning seminar, and usually it lasts for 2 hours, depending how much questions the attendees have after the seminar. The seminar starts at 10:00 am, registration from 9:30 am.

Q: How is payment made?
A: Payment is made on the spot before the seminar starts.

Q: Is parking available?
A: You can park for free in the hotels car park.


Register for the Small Business Marketing Plan Blueprint seminar

Registration open for seminar held on January 2014!

  • Price: 19,00 €

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