Marketing tips for Irish small businesses

Simple and easy to implement ideas and marketing strategies. Marketing tips and tactics specially selected for Irish small businesses. Every strategy and tactic tested and adopted to Irish circumstances and market conditions. To make any of these marketing tips work for you, make sure you don't just read them, but act on them as well!

Holy grail of marketing automation

The Holy Grail of Small Business Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a concept, it includes the tasks, processes and tools that one uses to automate and measure repetitive marketing tasks. The most simple marketing automation tools are email autoresponders that send out an email with a predefined content after a specific event occurs, but complex systems can include CRM, sales and even powerful analytics modules.

You might have heard about the big name marketing automation softwares in the industry like InfusionSoft, Hubspot or Optify, but today I’d like to introduce you to another software package that you probably never heard of, a software package that was developed specifically for small businesses and which can match the functionality of the aforementioned big name products. Continue reading »

Aron's holiday trip to Asia and Australia

Around the world in 80 days? Not quite, but close…

No new blog posts, no posts on Facebook or Google+, and no monthly marketing newsletter! You won’t reply to my emails and your phone goes directly to voice mail? What’s going on? Are you still alive?! Is this business still running?

Yes, I’m still alive and kicking, the business is running (in the background), but…. Continue reading »

Weekly marketing meeting

Your weekly marketing meeting…

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter and follow me on social media then you might already know that Mondays and Fridays are special days for us – Fridays are for learning and education, Mondays are for working on our own business.

We finished with our weekly marketing meeting just an hour ago and I have a ton of work to do… but I wanted to post this for you quickly because I just realized that this might be something that could be really valuable for you as well.

At those businesses, where they know that marketing is of strategic importance, it is advisable to hold a weekly marketing meeting. Here’s how your marketing meeting should look like: Continue reading »

Gmail Tabs and Email Marketing

Email Marketing and the new Gmail Tabs – Problem or Opportunity?!

There’s a lot of buzz going on currently on the Internet about the new Gmail Tabs, specially about how it affects email marketing.  As a marketer I also have been affected by this “problem” so in this post I will try to give you a short summary of what are the email marketing challenges when it comes to Gmail and how you can overcome these challenges and turn this into an opportunity. Continue reading »

Kill Bill Marketing

The Kill Bill Marketing Technique

It may well be that this is the shortest but the most useful article on small business marketing you have ever read.

Death List 1

As the action of Kill Bill rushes towards the outcome, the Bride appears several times pulling out a list and crossing out the name of her latest victim.

Quite effective, isn’t it? And efficient, too. “But what does it have to do with the marketing of a small business?”  you might ask and with good reason. Continue reading »

Focus and speed

Where to focus your attention when starting a small business?

As part of my Birthday campaign I announced a Free Consulting Week – during this week I will answer all your marketing related questions provided they correspond to this simple rule:

Your questions should be about something that might be of interest to other people as well!

I answer questions on the Irish Small Business Marketing Community on Google+ with the #FreeConsultingWeek hashtag, or if the answer is a bit long then here in the blog.

This post is an answer to Heather’s question, who asked: Continue reading »

Small Business Guerrilla Marketing

How to become a Guerrilla Marketeer? Guerrilla Marketing for Small Businesses…

Most of us don’t enjoy the luxury of getting tens or hundreds of millions as yearly marketing budget. How to achieve results with a limited budget, at a small business with guerrilla marketing?

Jay Conrad Levinson, who came up with the term Guerrilla Marketing answered this question almost 20 years ago. According to Levinson, a small company’s marketing must be exactly as the fighting style of a guerrilla: use every tool that you can grab, don’t let the fighting spirit die down and never give up!

Let’s see what it takes to become a guerrilla marketeer? Continue reading »

Guarantees that attract customers

Guarantees that attract customers

How much does a money back guarantee worth in the case of a product or service? How many new customers can a good guarantee bring for the business? A good guarantee attracts more customers than most businesses think!

Can you imagine how many potential customers are there who you reach with your advertising but they don’t buy because for some reason they don’t trust you? They would love to buy, but they have all those unanswered questions buzzing in their mind: Continue reading »